We believe women are the driving force behind global action. That empowered women have the power to do anything!

On April 15th join us in a collective 8 hour online yoga and wellness journey, as we navigate what it means to be Empowered and shift into a state of balance between the masculine and feminine.

Meet The Humans Behind The Experience

Select an instructor to be immersed into the journeys that connect us, and the passions that inspire us.


Instructor and Owner at Bodhi Tree Yoga Studio 

Jessica Nightingale

Transformational Psychic Medium

Carissa McCaig

Eco-Conscious Clothing Designer & Advocate 


Authentic Holistic Yoga Instructor 

Jot Anant

Traditional & Holistic Yoga Instructor 

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First practice:
A Holistic hatha practice to allow us all to embody the divine masculine and feminie qualities within. Allowing these qualities of creation and transformation to come together into action. 

Second practice:
A pranayama practice to allow us to expand and guide this universal life force energy towards our own path of empowerment.


Take part in a series of transformative workshops guided by Empowered Women. We are excited to announce our thoughtfully crafted collaborative workshops in the coming weeks.

Workshop #1Empowered Connections with Jessica 
Psychic Medium and clairvoyant, leading our group of through a workshop on connecting with our divine voice. 

Workshop #2Empowered Fashion With Carissa
Dive into the world of  conscious consumption, a workshop on the impact of fast fashion, and making the choice to feel empowered through what you wear. 

Shiva Speaks.

In our devotion to sharing our personal truths, we bring to you what we lovingly call Shiva Speaks.

These sessions are filled with truly engaging interviews from the inspiring Empowered Women. Get inspired by their story, learn their best-kept secrets, and how to apply everything they know to your practice and your life off the mat. Join us in a curious, passionate, open minded space dedicated to growth and transformation as we meet the teachers and humans who inspire us.

Speakers: OmShanti & Shankar


To hear and to be heard – for a community that inspires personal growth. Some of our time together will be spent sharing, connecting, and co-creating with one another in segmented groups to deepen our roots in eachothers lives. Placing value in our voices and experiences, as empowered women we hold the ability to heal through the exploration of self, and guide one another through our collective experiences. 

Move Sessions

Get up, or stay seated… but let the music move your body! In these segments, a powerful and carefully curated playlist will be played for you to move with — allowing this incredible creative energy to meet the energy of transformation.

Share & Move.

Vision & Takeaways

We have often heard that behind every successful man, there is a powerful woman… Maybe this statement strikes a nerve, but we believe this statement is so much more than what we see on the surface.  Success comes from a place where the energy is in balance. Both the masculine and the feminie. It’s time for us all to come to know, that all… and yes, thats women too, have the potential to shake and shift the world in which we live in. 

This platform is a doorway to showing you that Empowered Women can and do exist… and that they are there to help you see how yourself, your children and those in your life, can also live Empowered. You too can be heard, you too can dream, you too can effectuate changes in your life that allow you to live in your truest potential.

Upon the closing of our practice and the end of the retreat, each session will be made available to review and follow along with in your own practices. Using the password provided to you in your confirmation email upon registration.


This online retreat will be hosted using Zoom. Upon registering you will receive a confirmation email with the direct zoom link and a password to access the member section of The Empowered Women Retreat website.

Upon closing of the retreat, the full recording & individual sessions will be made available in the member section of this website. To access the videos check your confirmation email for your password and click log in from the menu above. 

The retreat & unlimited access to the recordings is CAD$112

You can! In order to have the stream on your TV you will need to have a laptop or PC that you can hook up an HDMI cord connected to your TV screen. For Mac & PC users without this port an external dongle is available on amazon! Upon plugging your device into your TV whatever screen is active will appear on screen.

No worries! Although all purchases are final, all of our sessions will be available online after the retreat & our instructors are happy to connect afterwards.