Yoga, mindfulness, movement and breath are tools that can be utilized not only for personal health but to help keep the mind, body, and spirits in a healthy space. As we already know, when all of these aspects are in a good place, people are more engaged, retain more information are more productive and tend to be a little more content / happy.

Let us tell you why we think Bodhi Tree Yoga is qualified to teach at your retreat or your office.

I was in a corporate life for just under 30 years. I attended a lot of retreats in that time, and often presented or hosted workshops on a variety of different topics. What I was finding was that these events became more about the sitting and consuming, than moving and exploring. We would start early in the morning, and flow right into evening dinners, and even later nights, making little or no time for personal care.

After finding yoga several years back, I started to bring my mat with me to the retreats. I even started traveling for work with my mat attempting to use it as much as possible. I tried desperately to keep up with my practice while away from the studio, but the retreats were still more of the same, less time to give something good back to my body, more time to sit and eat. I felt horrible, exhausted and completely drained, causing a whole host of issues, such as, back pain, indigestion, fatigue, at times I would stop listening to the content provided. Restlessness would begin to seep in, this format is just not effective.

With my retreat experience, yoga mindset, and our lovely group of diverse teachers, we are looking to change that. Even just a little bit.

Our mission in the corporate arena is to help organizations keep employees invigorated, engaged, and feeling cared for, that a healthy balance of information-sharing and self-care can be the beginning of something new. By allowing your team permission to move, stretch, breath, or just sit quietly and meditate, you are saying “we hear you, and we care about your well-being”.

Contact us today to discuss a variety of options for your event, retreat or just general office care.

Below are just a few of the many things we can do;

– Event team building through movement and breathing

– Classes between, 15-minute tune-ups to 90-minute yoga practices and everything in between

– Guided meditation

– Mindfulness training

PS – we don’t even need to call it Yoga