Classes Offered at Bodhi Tree Yoga Studio

This class revisits basic Hatha asanas (postures) with the use of props.
The intention is for students, whether they be beginner or experienced, to achieve the critical alignment so crucial to a deep, safe and harmonious practice. 
Great alignment is the key stone to a practitioners true potential in each asana. This class will create a wonderful opportunity for finding ones comfortable edge and yet challenging enough to achieve limitless potential.
For practitioners of all levels to enjoy.

Akhanda Yoga sequences work on all of the directional movements of the spine in each class and offer a balance of effort and allowing, solar and lunar practices, yin and yang. During challenging postures, students are encouraged to smile or find the inner smile, thus making non-competition and contentment true aspects of the practice. Akhanda classes also balance a commitment to alignment with guidelines for inner inquiry, cueing and silence. As yoga is an experiential journey, once established in posture and breathing techniques, students are guided to cultivate deeper levels of awareness.

Kundalini yoga is an ancient tradition of meditation, mantras, physical exercises and breathing techniques. Anyone can practice it regardless of age or physical ability. Known as the yoga of awareness, Kundalini yoga builds physical strength and stamina, emotional fitness and spiritual connection. 

A powerful and athletic yoga practice where flowing asana sequences are woven through sun salutations and blended with held postures. This class focuses on integrating breath and movement, similar to a dynamic dance.

One-on-one therapeutic yoga class done with a yoga therapist.

The Yin aspect of Yoga uses long-held relaxed floor postures to stretch and stimulate the “Yin” or deep connective tissues of the body. Yin postures are done with the muscles relaxed and are held a long time increasing your flexibility, opening your hips, lower back and shoulders and enhancing your overall sense of well-being. Yin yoga targets fascia rather than muscles and works on energetic pathways (meridians) in the body to increase the presence and flow of chi or life force energy. It is also a contemplative, mindfulness based practice promoting emotional and mental health. Yin yoga is great for athletes who develop tightness in their bodies as a result of intense training. In particular, hockey players, equestrians and runners benefit from the hip opening of yin yoga.

Yin and Yang are two different, but very complimentary styles of yoga.Yin being slower, cooler, feminine/moon energy, invites us to find stillness within the movements. The first half of the practice embraces this Yin style, allowing for a meditative practice that grounds us. Holding postures for 3-5 minutes each while the muscles remain relaxed helps the connective tissues of the body lengthen over time. Yang is the other side of the mountain – faster, warmer, male/sun energy, it invites us to move with the flow of the day. The second half of the practice embraces this Yang style, allowing for an energizing start to the day. Flowing through movements and threading them to the breath allows us to remain in this contemplative internal practice while stretching, strengthening and energizing the mind and body!

Back care yoga is a therapeutic yoga practice designed to alleviate pain and promote health in the low back, sacrum and hips. Eight out of ten adults will experience a low back “event” at some point in their life. Strengthen your core and learn safe ways to lift, and stretch with these powerful therapeutic exercises.

A private yoga class is done one-on-one with a teacher. This class is designed specifically for the student’s needs.