Figuring out a new way of operating a Yoga Studio while keeping everyone safe amongst these trying times is a challenge we can honestly say we have accepted with open arms. Of course we are always keeping up with day to day changes and new recommendations, but here is a list of what you can expect when you come to classes here at Bodhi Tree Yoga Kemptville.

  1. We ask that you are pre-registered for all classes! This helps us in many ways. First, it reduces the need for in person check ins (singing in with your card), it also reduces the in person payment options as all payments can be done online ahead of time. This also eliminates un-necessary travel in to the studio in case there are no spots when you choose to “drop-in”!
  2. Upon arrival, please wear your mask. Your mask should be worn from the moment you arrive to the studio, while you set up, and up until you are comfortably seated on your mat. Anytime you come off the mat (to retrieve a prop or go to the washroom) please ensure to put the mask-up.
  3. There is a hand sanitizing station at the front door and also just outside the studio door. Please use it when arriving and at any other time throughout your “stay” here with us.
  4. There are 8 clearly marked out spaces in the studio. We ask that you lay your mat out inside the markings of one of these spots.
  5. Bringing your own mat, props, blanket is highly encouraged. These props are still all available for use at the studio, and if you choose to use any of our props, we ask that you leave them on the floor after practice! All of the props get cleaned, disinfected and/or placed into prop isolation after each use.
  6. After each class, all commonly used spaces and touched surfaces get a full cleaning and disinfecting. These surfaces include the studio floors, light switches, door knobs, front door, counters, bathroom and other surfaces that may have been used/touched while you visit.


Most of our classes have been full in the last few weeks, some of them having a wait list and some full into the following weeks. We can’t emphasize the usage of our pre-registration system online (or even by giving us a call or email) enough! Feel free to register for the next upcoming weeks and beyond!


It’s been such a joy to welcome you all back safely, and the comments from you all have been so touching! Thank you for reaching out, and thank you for being here on this journey with us!

OmShanti and BTY team